I'm Tash and I'm from LA, but I go to college in New York. ✈CANYParis

You're welcome.

Almost going to jail at 4am… This guy told me to go through security in an international airport and it wasn’t open yet (nobody was working and no machines were on) so I was confused but followed directions nonetheless, and nobody stopped me until a construction worker saw me and signalled to security who then kicked me out of the area and almost arrested me saying that what I did was illegal. If that guy hadn’t seen me, I could have just walked in and not dealt with security which is the worst part of airports. Goddamnit.

September 02
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Do you love her skin?
So frail you’ll never make it divine
Fooling around
And this is for life, this is for life

Coasts forever.

September 02
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September 02
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September 02
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Lessons learned in Miami:
•do NOT mix Jager, wine, and beer
•do NOT smoke weed afterwards
•do NOT throw up all over your friend’s new dorm room
•do NOT go to bed at 1am when you have to be up at 4am to catch a flight at 6am to go back to school
•just be a fucking adult about something in your life

September 02
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